“Adrian, how do I build a powerful team? I understand a strong team can bring your company to the next level, but what criteria should I look for in a person before I accept them to be part of the company? I am afraid to invest in talent that will not bring benefit to the company.”

When you have enough capital, a lot of work can be subbed out. That is a fact.

However, subbing the workload out have its pros and cons. Firstly, subcontractors are never loyal. They don’t know your branding, or what your company stands for, or what you will want, or your preference, or your working hours – just to name a few.

Therefore, there is still a need to build your own team. But what do we look for when we take someone on board, into our team? Now, when we take someone in, we take them with the intention of training and bringing them up to key positions in the company.

We tell them up front – the hours are long, the pay is not what you would expect for your long hours, the work is hard (we only expect the best quality), you will be under a lot of pressure, you will be going to places outside of the state often. In return, if you can produce results, your bonus will be rewarding, and you will have a lot of learning experience.

Hurmm… what we are looking for?

Your work will be showcased on our pages and websites. Besides, just telling people that you have worked with Adrian Wee before – a high-performance individual – will be a great addition to your resume as it should that you can handle a lot of stress.

In order to be part of the team, the employee must demonstrate these three qualities:-

  1. Loyalty ***

Realise that this area is marked with triple asterisks because this is a super important criteria. Without loyalty, doesn’t matter how good an employee is, you cannot take them on board.

Why is this so? This is because they can leave at any time since they are not loyal, but when they do so they are taking away valuable resources like training provided, company secrets, consumer data – just to mention a few.

Your employees will have access to valuable information, and if they leave they will take all these together.

So how do you know if an employee is a loyal person? When you first start an interview with an employee, there is not much data that you can work on besides his resume. How many times has he switched jobs? And for what reason? What motivates him to work? In his purpose and goal in alignment with the company?

However, I always think that loyal is a two-way street. You cannot demand someone to be loyal, but you treat them like s*it. It is just impossible. That is not how it works. I will talk more about how to make an employee loyal to you in the upcoming articles because this is a subject worthy of an article by itself!

2. Teamwork

Many projects in the company cannot be completed by a single individual but as a team. Think of video production. You need to have someone to record it. Another to catch the content and cut it. Another to write on the subtitle. Another to actually post it. Or writing an article. One to write. Another to edit. Another to post it.

Team work and synergy is the key to any successful project

A person who wants to work with me must be a team player. He must be able to operate as a team. Well, that doesn’t mean he must participate in every company’s karaoke or barbeque session (in fact I personally hate those who socialise a lot but can’t produce results – that is called playing office politics).

However, he must be able to complete the work given to him. If he needs help, he must have that relationship with other employees that they are willing to help him, and he is willing to help others. That bare minimum is a must so as not to disrupt the business process.

3. Results

Surprise! Surprise! You would thought this to be at the top, right?

Nope. As long as the individual in question is willing to learn and is able to work as a team, even without outstanding achievements now, there is no telling how far he can go in the future with the right team.

Result is good, but teamwork is better.

That is not to say that results are not important. Just that it is not the first thing that we see when you first join our company. Sure, if you already have some achievements of your own and you are proud to showcase it, we are more than glad to accept you with open arms.

But in our company, a team is more important than any single performing individual. A team with good synergy can bring a company further than a lone wolf. Besides, a lone wolf who outperform others will often be caught in the trap of being too egoistic – he thinks he runs the company alone and everyone else is insignificant. That is not the culture we encourage.

So there you have it! What we are looking for in our team – how we build a great team. If you think you have what it takes to bring our company to the next level, give us a call at 010-200 8828.

We are always expanding and growing. Your contribution is always welcomed. Thank you for reading this article.

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