Chloe Shee graduated from ID KING Academy in Year 2016, and she started Shepherdgate Concept and run her own Interior Design Business around Klang Valley. Till to date, she has been referred by ID KING Academy family with more than 800,000 sales. She also mentioned that this is an amazing platform that everyone must join and explore.

Kok Weng graduated from ID King Academy in Year 2015 as well. Then he joined with a group of friends and startup Subhome business where they sublet units from owners, upgrade with Interior Design renovation elements to the units; then rent out through multiple platforms on the Internet.

Jason Ooi graduated in year 2014/2015. Back then he was an employee working for people. Soon, he quit his full time job and started IBR Design & Build and run renovation projects for investors. Averagely, his project is RM200,000 per unit and growing.

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