What are the 5 Key Leverage Points in Property Entrepreneurship? 

In order to be 100% Sure-WIN in Property Investing Game, You got to master the 5 leverage points which I’ve created call Property Matrix. 

In this 5 Property Matrix Leverage Points, I strongly stress on Active Income and Passive Income, both are two different engines that can generate wealth to you if you manage it well; if not, it will hurt you badly. Watch and learn carefully in this 16 min length video. 


5 Key Property Matrix; one of the first point which is Property; what types of properties is for you. Not all property are for you. Why? Because your level of appetite to “eat” the property is not the same. You have your own appetite of comfortable and affordable level to shoulder the property that you buy. 


Congratulations! After selecting the property that you wanted, and comfortably and afford your appetite, what is next? Bank Loan or Mortgage Loan is the key. Loan Engine is what I’ve created in Property Matrix. In order to master Loan Engine, you need to calculate your own Loan Ability / Leverage Ability, which we call LA. LA is the key for the bank to trust on you whether are you able to shoulder the property that you have selected. If not, how to prove? How to make sure that you can “eat” the property? That’s why Active Income is the KEY to win in this game. 

Interest %

I use to say that Interest is a double edge sword – it can kill you; or it can build you massive wealth. In this section, I share with you on how to master Negative Gearing.

In order for you to SURE-WIN in this game, Negative Gearing is the key strategy to hold your property. In order for you to eat the property, monthly interest to pay back to the bank is the key fundamental. What strategy do we use then?

The key strategy is Other People’s Time (OPT); which is the tenant’s time. Property Investment is a business; it’s entrepreneurship; thus we got to calculate the RISK to shoulder in order to safely SURE-WIN in Property Investment. The tenant is the one that will pay for the interest of the property repayment; and if it’s not enough to pay back to the installment, we use force saving to top up to the repayment.

Because of 7% inflation (safely inflation) in good locations across Malaysia; property prices will double in 8 – 10 years safely. Check iproperty website or mudah.my, https://www.brickz.my  or any property portal to see the price transactions. 

Market – How to Select this SURE-WIN Property?

In Market, this is where we use . 13th Effects is formulated by Adrian Wee over the years during my profession as an Interior Designer, Renovator and property developer as I was involved in property development back in those days.

Therefore, there are many factors where we can choose the properties ourselves and NOT LISTENING to other GURUS, Property Coach or anyone in the market. I teach this, and at your own familiar location, which is where you are staying right now. 

I use to tell my students that it’s unfair to YOU and ME to tell you where you should buy. It’s better for me to equip you and empower with the street-smart knowledge in selecting properties than telling you where to buy. I’m planting seeds  in your brain so that for the next 20 years, 30 years and many years you will know where to buy. This is the power of 13th Effects to Select SURE-WIN Properties. 

Yield – Return on Investment

Yield – Return on Investment is the key to cover back your investment. ROI or Yield is where I empower the students with my knowledge in Interior Design Renovation Street Smart series. I no longer teaching this class; but it’s available online where you can learn yourself.

Over the last 17 years, I run a very successful business in Interior Design & Renovation; also many failures as well and I shared a lot in the video series. Once you have completed all the modules, you will become a PHD Holder in Interior Design & Renovation; where you as a Property Investor, Home Owners or Property Entrepreneur know how to increase the value of your properties by applying Interior Design & Renovation process in your unit. 

If you find this article useful to you, do help me to spread this sharing across the Internet to empower the next layer of your friends and families. I hope this sharing you learnt a lot and will be sharing more articles to come. 

“Together WE Are Massive”

Adrian Wee

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