“Why is it that he no longer follow me?”

“Why is it that he no longer believes in me?”

“Why is it that he only come and find me when he needs me?”


When you are at the peak of life:

You feel positive every day, the whole universe seems to be like your playground, everyone listens to you, and things happen according to your plan.

Suddenly one day, your life turn upside down and you realised:

Your world is terrible. The people who were with you when you are at the top of the world is no longer here. Your family is worried about you every day but they don’t know how to comfort you. Your negative energy is so bad that you can blow up the whole world!

Life is not a bed of roses, but a seedling fighting, germinating out from the mud.

There are ups and downs in life. I believe that I don’t need to explain it for you to understand. However, allow me to share a story with you.

Once, a young man opened a shop selling clothes, and it was very popular when it opened! Several clothing stores in the area have been losing money for a few years, but he has made a net profit of RM 1 million in a month! This is a new record.

Everyone said that he was very lucky, but he sneered and said: “It is actually very easy to sell clothes!”

Just like this, several years has passed. During those years, as with any successful people, there are suddenly many friends who become close to you. They go drink and have fun every night, and then our hero – the young man – will pay the bill.

One day, a big fire burned down his shop, and his goods and shop turned into ashes! He looked at his bank account, only saw the 4 miserable digits staring back at him. The money that he has earned is spent by him to entertain and please his friends. This one is too big of a blow, he cannot get back!

Once his friends knew what has happened, they begin to alienate him.

His world has since entered the dark ages. Every night he drinks himself drunk at the back alley, trying to use alcohol to numb himself to the reality of life.

A big, ruthless fire take everything the young man has ever had.

His life has predictably not improved, but progressively deteriorate.

One night, he drank himself drunk again. After walking out of the convenience store, he stumbled over the garbage dump and fainted. Just as he opened his eyes, he saw a white hairs grandfather staring back kindly at him.

“Excuse me, are you an angel?” The young man was shocked looking at the halo of the grandfather’s head. He realized that this grandfather was not an ordinary person.

“Yes.” Grandfather answered with a smile.

“God, I want to let the people who have forsaken me have a bad end! When I had money, they all worshiped me, listened to me, eat with me. Now, when I fall, they alienated and abandoned me! I am really sad and angry!” The young man was so overwhelmed by anger, he begins to cry.

The angel smiled and said, “Would you like to go to a place with me?” The young man nodded. “I have nowhere to go. You can take me wherever you want.”

“You close your eyes, count until 3, then open your eyes.”

The young man did what the old grandfather said. As soon as he opened his eyes, a bright light hit the young man’s eye and blinded him.

The old grandfather said: “This is the sun – bright like how your life used to be. Look under your body, there is a shadow. The shadow is like your lover, relatives, and friends. The reason why the shadow appears is that you are near the light.” The young man thought for a moment.

Grandpa added: “You close your eyes now, count until 3 and open your eyes.”

The young man followed, but this time when he opened his eyes, he stretched out and saw no fingers. There was no light around it.

Grandpa said: “Can you see if you still have your shadow with you?”

The young man said: “I can see nothing.”

The old grandfather said: “Just like I have said just now, the shadow is just like the people around you. But now, when you are in a dark place, have you found out…

… that your shadow is gone?”

Follow the sun, don’t lose your shadow!

When you are full of negative energy, you are the prisoner of your own self. How do you expect anyone to approach you?

You cannot change your past. However, you can choose to get out of the darkness, follow the sun, and find your own shadow.

Of course, whether you want to learn and continuously improve on yourself is also up to you.

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