[Many Would Say that, Facebook “Likes“ Is Very Important, Is it So?”]

One of my friend and mentor for social media once said:
“sometimes you see a Facebook LIVE post,
Video post, photo or written post on Facebook;
You will love it and you will click a “LIKE” on that post”
But in your heart, you would say I like it, but I would not copy or do the same thing as the post”

But, sometimes you see certain post, or some post that you can learn many takeaways;
You learnt tactics and strategies; you might or might not click a “LIKE”;
But you would want to mirror the original person who inspire you;
Who has stir your emotion and you want to copy him/her”

So, what’s the lessons we can learn here?

You may notice this, most people base success on the amount of engagement they get, how many “ likes “ a Facebook post has.
But if this the only way you judge it, you are playing the game wrong.

People put a lot of effort into advertising and based the success of it on “ likes ”.
Example: If you are a coach, a content marketing person,
you play a huge role in your own field and area.

Your mission is to keep helping them to achieve great results so that,
they would want to follow your footsteps,
copy your ways of doing things and LOVE to follow You.

That supposed to be the objective of you doing posting on Facebook or Social Media.
Not focusing on LIKES or LOVE,
But so that you can create a group of fans that love you, want to mirror you and Want to be Like You!

Keep Empowering and keep doing that you do no matter how many LIKES you have on your posting, but focus on giving the best materials to your audiences!

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