“Dear teacher, I can’t seems to find the things which I like to do. How do I find my passion?”

One of the greatest sign that you are doing what you are truly passionate about is that the activity puts you “in the zone”. If that activity can put you in the zone, chances are that is what you are meant to be doing in life. Indeed, if you have lived your life not knowing what your true calling is – that is a life not worth living.

I cannot tell you what you are good at and what you should be doing, but I will tell you how it feels like being “in the zone”. Chances are if whatever it is that you are doing can put you in the zone, then you should be doing more of it.  

Being in the zone means being in an immersive experience to produce the best version of your work
  1. Not Noticing the Passing of Time

Have you ever done something and focusing so intensely that you no longer notice the passing of time? Take for example in writing this book, sometimes I wouldn’t even know that lunch time is near if not for my colleague asking me out to eat. When preparing for my talks, sometimes I would look up and realised, “Oh. It’s already 2am!”

I didn’t even notice that. To me, my entire focus and dedication is to finishing the task at hand that time itself is no longer relevant. That is the first major sign of being in the zone and that you are truly enjoying what you are doing.

Imagine going on a class that you find boring. You will look at your watch repeatedly and think, “Oh God! When is this going to end?” That is the direct opposite of being in the zone. Keep looking at your watch and constantly finding distractions means you are not enjoying what you are doing right now.

The concept of time is no longer applicable to you once you are “in the zone”

2. No Other Feelings

Another obvious tell-tale sign that you are being in the zone is that noises no longer disturb you. The obvious reason for this is because you are intensely focusing on the task at hand. Whether it is people talking or the background music, it no longer concerns you.

In fact, even as the activity is energy consuming, you will not feel hunger. You can go on hours after hours not feeling hungry. Your aim in mind is quickly, efficiently complete the task at hand regardless of your body physical condition – whether you are hungry or tired.

That is why once the task is done, and your attention shifts to your body, the first feeling you will notice is the intense tiredness and hunger.

You are doing it because you like it – regardless of profit or public opinion

3. Enormous Joy

Whatever it is that you are pursuing, regardless of the results, will give you enormous joy. If you are doing what you enjoy, you will keep doing it regardless of results or public opinion of your work.

You see, you are not doing anything for anyone at all. You are doing it for yourself. You are doing it because you enjoy doing it. This is a very powerful state to be in.

Many a times we stop developing our fullest potential because people tell us that we are no good. Can you imagine if these little voices by these little people no longer bother you? That whatever it is that you are doing is truly for yourself – there is no telling when or where you will stop in developing your fullest potential.

Find joy in your work and your work will no longer be an arduous task

So there you have it. The signs that you are being in the zone and on the way to develop your fullest potential!

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