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View the video below and learn two ways that can make you be from having “Zero Resources” to having “Unlimited Resources.”

The first way to have resources? You can try to create it by yourself.

OR you can use the second method instead, the “borrow” resources from others.

What many people got it wrong these days is that they try to create their own resources. This is not a simple task – especially true if you are a young entrepreneur, just starting up.


Let you see what the entrepreneur’s life looks like:

  • Your company progress is always slower than your competitor.
  • You are constantly working, without taking rest.
  • No one understands you, it’s hard to find even a person you to to talk to.
  • Every penny is spent very carefully.
  • The black color your eye bag becomes darker than your grey hair.
  • Whether you are eating or going to the bathroom, you are constantly thinking about your business.
  • Always feeling that you are losing the battle.

Feeling exhausted, and your conscious start to blur….

You get the message.

It’s hard to be an entrepreneur, if you are not paying attention, your competitor will catch up with you.

What if there are other options – like “borrowing” resources from others.

Usually, there are two kinds of people who will borrow resources from others. The first type is the employee. You use the office resources such as get to learn about their operations, get to acquire knowledge, get to know how to run a business, etc. Some bosses also send you telephone bills, medical cards, travel, etc., everything. When the boss started a business, it took so long to deploy, plan, set up, and layout… You just need to sit comfortably and work for him. By the way, help yourself thicken your resume and deepen your experience. It sounds wise. The choice, isn’t it?

Who said being an entrepreneur is the only way to get rich? You are hearing that because you haven’t heard the story of entrepreneurship becoming poor! However, I digress – this is something for another day.

If you really don’t want to help people building their business, then you should start a business of your own. You can also borrow resources from others and make your journey less hard. (Think about the entrepreneur’s life I just mention.) These people are the second person I want to talk about – people who know how to leverage on their circle of friends.

But then you ask, “Teacher, how do I find the right circle of friends?”

This doesn’t mean that you can casually go talk to some old school mate or go to the bar to meet new people. This is called expanding your circle of friends – but expanding with what?! You need to find people of quality!

Expand your circle of friends and get yourself out of your self-create bubble. The world outside is bigger than you’d imagined!

”How then can I find a quality circle of friends?” Fair question. I think the most effective way is to find people who share the same interest as you. For example: when you attend classes, join seminars, you automatically know that the participants are of the same interest as you.

It’s true. Many people have made some great friends after coming to “Die With Massive Debts” course. After that, they continue to keep in touch, and even use the knowledge gained in the course to make some great property investment and make a lot of profit!

I am sometimes very proud of such an achievement. My course is not only fascinating, but also creates wealth.

Next, I will reveal the third and final way to find resources!

Have you ever thought that there is some useful source to find resources hidden around you, but you haven’t noticed it? Even if it is right in front of your eyes, you just can’t grasp it in your hand?

Soon as you have learned this method, the income you will get will definitely grow 10x that of the two methods just mentioned! What is the method? That is……

Some resources are hidden away from you, open your eyes and see it!

Borrow resources from major institutions!

There are many examples of this approach, and financing banks is a classic example of ‘borrowing resources from major institutions.’ Banks are a big platform with plenty of resources, and they need to invest these resources for future growth. Therefore, they like to “borrow” money to reliable projects because they are more likely to have back their “return of investment.”

So, what kind of project is called a reliable project / investment?

Property investment is one of the bank’s favourite. Why is it so? Here is the answer.

If you want to buy property, and you are qualified to take up mortgages, the bank will definitely help you, because the banks have the belief that real estate is not a project that will lose money. Don’t believe me? Think about it, banks will not lend money to investors who invest in stocks and bonds!

Property investment – as we can see – is a relatively safe investment. Many people rely on the idea of borrowing resources (read: money) from major institutions, and leveraged their wealth by 10x, 100x, 1000x.

Do you want to know what is behind the scenes?

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