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Today is another busy day.

Today is my usual working day, and as the team traveled to Ipoh, I kick start the first FREE preview class of the month!

During the three hours drive, I looked at the scenery that was constantly shifting outside the window, and I was impressed. The world outside the window is like my past, and I was daydreaming, soon I being to reminisce my past.


There are ups an downs to my memories, but one, in particular, stood out – one particularly dark episode of my life…

The memories is no longer a vivid as it was before, but the feeling is left still linger in my heart.

In that dark period, everything I touched turned into sh*t, in fact, I even took a loan from an illegal money lender. Fortunately, my wife and I each have a property. We sell them at a price several times lower than the purchase price to pay back the debts – but it is only like a drop in the ocean, and I still can’t pay back most of the money owed.

The loan sharks begin to look for me. When they could not find me, they splashed red paint on the iron gate of my shop and put a bounty on my head. When I came back and see the mess, I felt very sad – yet all I can do is wipe those red paints away while weeping to myself.

Can you imagine it? A man – the boss of my employees, the backbone of my family – I feel into such a horrible state. I hate myself for making the wrong decision and let my world turn upside down. My friends are gone, my family is hurting, and the business is closed. At that time, I cannot see a way out of this darkness. No one can help me. No one can save me.


I started to give up and wanted to kill myself.

At the lowest point in my life, my mentor said to me: “Adrian, this crisis can also be a turning point in your life, the lesson is that you have to be determined to get out of this mess.”

Master’s words are like a slap in my face, shining a light on me, driving away the darkness.

Every mistake you’ve made, when you choose to walk into the darkness, it is your choice. To get out of darkness is also your choice.

It is therefore important to find the light that will shine into the darkness and drives it away. I then ask Master: “How do we get out of the dark?”

He later taught me a skill – using property investment to pay off all my debts – and even let me earn my first “pot of gold” in life using this technique. I begin to think about the journey I’ve been through – if I wasn’t determined to find the light out of this darkness, I cannot imagine the consequence – perhaps life today would have been very different.

This struck me hard. I begin to realise why we cannot be ignorant in life. Knowledge is really important, it can help you solve the problem that you are facing, and keep you away from danger. It is because of this that my curiosity gets stronger and stronger.

I start to read a lot of books. Although property investment saved my life, my understanding of this field is still very limited. So, I start investigating the foundation of property investment and read many books written by other property investment experts.

Reading is not only reserved for the students. How long have you not read after graduating?

Then one day, it dawned on me that there are people out there suffering from the same fate as me. I am more fortunate than them because there is a master to help me navigate my way out, but what about them who are not as fortunate? 

So, I begin to teach and write. That is how my signature course – “Die With Massive Debts” – came about. It is to help those still in darkness to find the light.

So, if you want to know how I rely on property investment to make a comeback and become a multi-millionaire I am today – click on the link and join my FREE 3 HOURS preview class to find out more:

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