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Orang Asli, Gombak KL


21st Sept 2019

对于我们所有人来说,2019年9月21日是美好而快乐的一天。 几个月前,我们参观了Gombak的Orang Asli房屋,而Orang Asli家人面临的最大挑战是其房屋的许多屋顶漏水,破裂或被毁。



在此,我们感谢你们所有人给予他们的爱的礼物。 对于Orang Asli成员来说,看到屋顶被修复和安装是一个快乐的时刻。 




21st Sept 2019 was a wonderful and happy day for all of us. Few months back we visited the Orang Asli homes in Gombak, and the biggest challenge faced by the Orang Asli families are many of their roof at home were leaking, broken or destroyed.

We started the Fund Raising campaign to raise money for the needy.

In total, we manage to raised RM25, 825.00 from Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee’s students (Platinum, Gold and Crystal Members).

Hereby, we thank you all of YOU for the gift of love given to them. Seeing the roof being repaired and installed was a happy moments for the Orang Asli members.  

Here are some photos taken at the Orang Asli Kampung yesterday.  

We will soon upload the film and share with you all. Thank you!

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