Learn to say No, Learn to Grow Deep

If you say that you have your businesses to be wide all day, because of the money in front of you and you go, you are wrong. So wrong, because money can be earned at any time.

You have to remember this, hit the ground and dig it, when digging deeper into the ground and the water came out, all you need is at that moment, do you understand?

You just want that to point to hit the bottom of the water, do you get it? That hits the bottom, when the water comes out, and that is what we called Persistence.

You can’t say that by moving here and there, because that is not how it works.

A person who wants to be wealthy it is not by saving money, it is simply wrong! A person is wealthy is because he found an opportunity, and that opportunity is permanent. That is the transition point, and a person gets wealthy from here.

If you are talking about by saving money make us wealthy, then let me tell you what is wealth. Even if you save RM50,000 for a month, this person isn’t normal at all, am I right or not? By saving RM50,000 for 12months its only RM600,000. After saving it for 10 years later, it is only RM6,000,000.

What is this!? Do you get what I mean? Even if you take your time to get a little commission from here and there.

Yeah! RM50,000! So what!?After saving RM50,000 for 12months its only RM600,000. Save RM600,000 for another month, and after 10 years its only RM6,000,000.

That is the conversion point. Because my eyes are aiming straight forward, and I can see it very clearly for that what I want.

“So, when you go out you have to say,

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

Because my goal is here!

No! No! No!

It’s over here!”

Understand? I have to dig deep, till the water comes out, and that is mine. So, it’s not every day by flying butterfly here, flying butterfly on the other side. You are over if you are still flying butterfly too.

Look at those online social media influencers, I’m not cursing them, I dare to tell them. I saw all of them together flying to here and there. Have you ever seen me flying around like them? No way, I don’t travel around like them, understand?

No matter how hard they work, they are still the same. For us we must learn to say No! Because I don’t have time. When I was really going forward, drilled a hole and let me tell you that when the water comes out, It will never stop nor finished.

You have to react this way, often many people just don’t get it.

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